A Proven Leader for Ohio

Pat Manley is a father, an architect, business owner, college instructor, leader and community volunteer who has lived in Clintonville for over forty years.

Reopening Schools

As a parent, and an educator, I understand the need to re-open our schools for the well-being of our children. Proper intellectual, physical, psychological, and social development depend on it.

I listen to parents. I agree that schools should be open five-days a week for those who feel comfortable sending their children, and for teachers who choose to be in-class. We need to safely open schools, allow parents to return to work, and insure a quality education for our children.

Simple & Affordable Healthcare

As parent of two now grown boys who had extensive medical problems as children, and being a leukemia patient myself, I have a personal interest and passion for making healthcare both affordable and available to everyone. As a result, I am an unapologetic patient advocate who will fight for you, not special interests. Simple and understandable insurance policies and more choices lead to lower costs.

Jobs & Opportunity

I will work hard to make our district the place where every resident has the opportunity to earn a good living, save for the future and support their family without fear of job loss or outsourcing. I will fight to create opportunities, and remove barriers, for those who want a better life for themselves and for their families.

I have the experience and skill to attract the best companies to central Ohio, especially in the construction trades and high tech manufacturing. Rewarding high paying careers without student debt.

Tens of thousands of essential businesses operated without incident during the pandemic. I believe all businesses can and will operate safely, so the sooner we can remove restrictions, the sooner everyone can once again pursue the American Dream.

Having grown up in Appalachia, I know first hand how a single opportunity made a difference in my life. I want to insure everyone has as many opportunities as possible. When everyone has a decent paycheck, the other problems are easier to solve.

Keeping Our Community Safe

As resident in our community, I want nothing more than to maintain the safe neighborhoods I have known for over forty years. Sadly, our safety was shattered in recent months. This is unacceptable. I will fight hard to maintain funding and support of law enforcement, retain resource officers in schools, keep criminals off the streets, impose tougher sentences on sexual predators and provide much needed support services for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. My commitment to you is to protect your safety, freedom, and your rights. I not only want you to feel safe, I want you your family, your home and your neighborhood to be safe.